Original illustration by BLU

Wes Anderson // From Above from kogonada on Vimeo.

Music: “High-Speed French Train” by Alexandre Desplat (from The Fantastic Mr. Fox Soundtrack)

Placebo // Loud Like Love (feat. Bret Easton Ellis) from Saman Kesh on Vimeo.

Part II of the ‘Unfortunate Details’ experiments // Pay attention as there will be a pop-quiz afterwards.

Written & Directed by: Saman Kesh


Narrator: Bret Easton Ellis
Production Company: 890 Productions
In Association with: Skunk //
Executive Producer: Matt Factor
Producer: Jason Colon
Video Commissioner: John Moule
Band Performance: Rokkit //

Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman
Production Design: Jason Kisvarday
Editor: Mandy Brown
Costumer: Michelle Thompson
Casting Director: Michael Stonewall Beaudry (Blok M Casting)

VFX Supervisor: Chad Goei
Graphic Design: Saman Kesh & Jonathan Minaya
2D Animation: Jonathan Minaya
Sound Editing & Mixing: Matthew J A Wilcock // Zelig Sound
ADR Recording: John Rampey
Colorist: Derek Hansen // MPC

1st AD: Chad Nicholson
Production Manager: Melora Donoghue
Production Coordinator: Evan Fulton
2nd AD: Terrisha Kearse
1st AC: Jonathan Dec
2nd AC/ DIT: Jordan Gaylor
Phantom Tech: Nick Savander
Gaffer: James King
BB Electric: Tim Davis
Electric: Megan Richardson
Key Grip: Hunter Rogers
BB Grip: Todd Geritz
Grip: Dylan Johnson
Swing: Kevin Morgan
Art Director: Kelsi Ephraim
Set Decorator: Ali Rubinfeld
Set Decorator: Madelyn Kime
Art Swing: Timothy Wilusz
Assistant Costumer: Jordy Scheinberg
Makeup: Joanne Adolfo
SPFX Makeup: Perri Veganes
Hair Stylist: Prescilla Jean Olay
Makeup Assist: Crystal Watana

Director’s Assistant: Brendan Varni
Truck PA: Jamaal Taylor
Production Assistants: Karen Silbert, Johnny Gutierrez, Travis Culteri, Laura Huben

Segment Producer: Roland Berry
AC (Pickup day): Andres Cuevas

Nate Eggert, Shelly Townsend, Jeanne Stawiarski, Mary Calderwood, Jamila Wingett, Roland Berry, Bret Rea, Nathan Zasada, IMVDB, Sam Sascha Keshavarz, Cosimo Galluzzi

Tout savoir sur les cookies ! from CNIL on Vimeo.

Quand vous naviguez sur internet, vous êtes amenés à attraper des cookies. Ces programmes retiennent les sites que vous avez visités et laissent des traces sur internet ! Cette vidéo vous explique comment s’en prémunir. Retrouvez tous nos conseils sur !

Cinematics from Pier Paolo on Vimeo.

Cinematics is a timeline of classic films and characters. It’s a experimental project that I did in my spare time. Check the complete project:

My website:

All the sound was made by Marcelo Baldin ( He did a fantastic job remixing famous movie themes and blended altogether with a pinch of Aphex Twin’s Donkey Rhubarb.

The Cinematics lettering was also made by me, and right now I’m working on a complete family for this font and I hope to launch it soon!

If you liked this piece, you should definitely check this guys out: Ariel Costa and His Alphabetic animation (, and Antonio Vicentini’s Camera Collection (

Special thanks for my big friend Ricardo Bess ( and all the guys from Cafundo Studio.

Vermibus - “Dissolving Europe” from Vermibus on Vimeo.

Dissolving Europe is the new public art work that stormed Europe this year from Vermibus. Using a dubious inter-rail ticket, Vermibus set out with a set of 90 keys and his pallet of solvents to physically and temporally highjack the western world of advertisements in the name of fine art.
Each site is carefully deliberated with its environment, from Rolex boutiques, to archaic museums. The system looks simple in movement: unlock and roll the advertising poster to create a huge blank gleaming white breath of fresh air in the urban environment. The advert then undertakes the process of counter action painting using a series of solvents and brushes, it is then replaced in another site, another city, another country.

Xar Lee,

“A Painter’s Journey”
Music Composer by Marcello De Francisci.

Image Assistent:
Peter Grünheim -

Video Produced by: Vermibus, 2013 -

Score Recorded & produced at Blue Labyrinth Studios.
Pasadena California 2013 (c)
All Rights reserved

Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners from Nelson Carvajal on Vimeo.

Conceived and Edited by Nelson Carvajal
Music: “Time” by Hans Zimmer
VFX retrospective in anticipation of the 86th Academy Awards

"In 1977, a specific award category for visual effects was reintroduced with the current name, "Best Visual Effects"…" (Source: Wikipedia)

Fair use is codified at Section 107 of the Copyright Act
Under the fair use doctrine, it is not an infringement to use the copyrighted works of another in some circumstances, such as for commentary, criticism, news reporting, or educational use.

"Guilty" - Presented by Dazed and Confused from NOT SO STRONG Films(John Strong) on Vimeo.

Dazed presents a film by John Strong
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"Bad deeds, dark secrets and bedwetting combine with disastrous consequences in this morning-after tale."


Commissioned by Dazed & Confused Magazine

Director/ Writer: John Strong
Starring: Josh Caras, Grace Rex
Exec Producers: Sasha Nixon, Oliver Fuselier, Amy DeLossa, Johnathan Wright
Producers: Luke McCullough, Gregory Finch
Production Company: Forever Pictures ( in association with Tool of North America (
DP: John Strong
Assistant Camera: Brian Gonzalez
Editor: John Strong
Sound Design/ Mix: Daniel Sheppard
Special Thanks: Handheld Films


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WES from Alejandro Prullansky on Vimeo.

A compilation of Wes Anderson´s slow motion shots.


New Slang - The Shins